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If a tree becomes too stiff, too hard, then when a storm comes it has a much higher chance to snapping, breaking. Yet if that same tree maintains a bit of flexibility then it will merely sway with the wind, living to continue growth another day.


And so it is in life for us. If we become too ridged then when change comes we risk be damaged or destroyed – whether physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, or otherwise.

It is important to remain flexible in life.

And so it is with our family. After returning to our home in China for a few weeks we then had to turn around and leave for our annual conference in Thailand. We had the tremendous privilege of having Dennis Balcombe come to share with us. Pastor Balcombe has spend many decades of work in China.

During that week Sierra came down with a nasty stomach bug that had me cleaning up vomit from our room over and over again. When the conference ended we headed out on a flight for Singapore….during which Cassia vomited four or five times during our short 3 hour flight.

Why were we headed to Singapore you might ask? I’m glad you asked. Over the last four years I’ve been working towards an associates degree in theology. It’s been slow going since the school does not have a distance learning option. So each time the opportunity comes up I try to take a course or two.

I have four courses to finish in order to complete the degree. So I will be attending Principles of Church Leadership, General Epistles, Old Testament Survey, and Intro to World Religions. This will all need to be finished by the end of April at which point I will need to fly back to China to immediately get my visa renewed.

It’s a lot of change and not much stability which is a challenge not just for Cassandra and I but also especially for the kids. Yet the principle remains – be flexible.

Not everything we encounter in life is pleasant or easy. Change, and indeed growth, can be quite threatening or challenging for some of us. Yet I would encourage you as I encourage myself – be flexible. A man or woman who can remain flexible for the Lord will be of great use. The same man or woman who remains ridged and stiff risks damage to themselves.

May God bless us and find us of use as we remain flexible and ready for service. Amen.