I can’t sell that, the others would all tumble down…

Ohhh, how I wish I had my camera at the time. There are certain challenges that arise when you have employee’s whose wage is based on commission. This is not a problem specific to China by any means either. But this experience really made me laugh!

So I’ve took the plunge and bought a very cheap, used TV. Which is useless to me without a DVD player… So our scene is set in Wal-Mart:

Having been warned of the quality of most Chinese DVD players being poor, I decided to look for a Phillips or Panasonic or Hyundai brand. Immediately 7 sales associates crowded around, each one loudly telling me with big smiles how each particular model was the best one! 🙂 I smiled, told them I didn’t want those ones, and asked one guy to show me the Hyundai ones. Seeing that I had chosen a brand other than what they got commission on, the other 6 associates all left, disappeared in less than 10 seconds (quite a trick!).

This guy tried to talk me into another brand, but I wouldn’t have it. Then he said that the display was the last one, the box above was empty… After a bit of pondering I decided to get that DVD player anyway. Then he tells me that he cannot sell it to me because all the other DVD players on top of the box (which was on the bottom) would fall if he tried to take it out!

So another employee is called, and lo and behold! Not only is he able to use a ladder to move things around so he can get the box out without the others tumbling, but the box is full and there are many more new ones behind it!

Sales by commission. A mixed package if you ask me.