Summer Fun

Wow, okay, so it has been a *long* time since the last post. Yeah, it’s a bit embarrassing! What can I say? I was traveling around and out of the country for a month, and now I’m preparing to move (to a different part of Kunming). Life is busy here, just like where you live. 🙂

Enough of that! One of the sights that still amazes me and brings a smile to my face is some of the special kinds of summer fun that kids have available here. Yeah they have bouncy castles (moonwalk’s for all my USA friends). But they also have inflatable ‘rock’ climbing structures. Where was that when I was a kid?? Anyway, they also have a great activity for the kids on the lake. The photo kind of speaks for itself. All of you Kunming residents will nod knowingly, having seen it many times yourselves. I have to

admit that it vaguely reminds me of a hamster toy that I saw once. I would always root for it to lose track of where it was headed and hope for a collision with the sofa. I did however stop myself from kicking it like a soccer ball – poor hamster would have made quite a mess.

Green Lake fun!

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  1. Don’t know if I’m doing this right, but it’s bout time we got summer fun. I’ve got to believe those big bubbles would sell great in the US. Keep up the updates, and thanks!

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