A New Beginning…..

A New Beginning……….

It had been slightly over a month since we returned to East Asia. One major difference in this time returning was I came back no longer as a single person, instead together with my hubby Richard. Though having my hubby with me did not lessen my homesickness, but it is nice and comforting to have someone walking through with me during those times of homesickness, be there for me when I am in my downs and ups. I remembered when we went to the airport to send off my brother and family (they serving in Cambodia), the moment they walked into the departing gate, tears just rolled down from me uncontrollably. The only thing I could do was to hold on to my hubby and cried it out. I am so thankful he was there to just listen and comfort me. Truly my hubby is a great gift from God to me.


  • God’s providence

The word of God is so true, His hands are not too short to reach us, He is more than able to provide for all our needs as He is Jehovah Jireh our provider. Though these verses I have learnt them since Sunday school days, but it did not became so real to me till past few months. Due to many reasons, I have decided to take on the part time offer from my club (with effect from March 09). With that offer, my monthly income was cut almost two third. Moreover, my hubby’s monthly support dropped too due to the world economic crisis.

Being very human, of course I will be worried about whether we will have enough for our monthly living, ministry expenses etc. Each time when I started to worry, God will be there to reassure me He will take care of us since it is Him who calls us. Even though with the continuous assurance from God, I told God I need Him to show me in actual and practical ways that He can provide. I want to see it with my own eyes of His providence before I am convinced. I am so glad He did not rebuke me of my little faith, instead He did perform miracle after miracle of His providence. Through different people (mind you, I did not tell anyone of our finance situations), God provides us with things like luggage bags, laptop, cash, heater, electric kettle, electric blanket etc. Isn’t God good? With all these miracles, all I can say is ‘God, I trust you’. I choose not to look at my circumstances, rather to lift my eyes to the Lord.

  • God’s Ministry

Being away for over three months plus (due to wedding), was nice to be back to work again. I went on my first trip four days after I returned to this country. A team from COSBT came and I brought them around to do some work among our locals here. What a joyous occasion when I first met the locals after few months. They gave me the warmest welcome and they felt so much like my family apart from my own family back in Singapore. It was a great encouragement to see all these Christians still having great passion for Jesus despite all the persecutions they received. I almost in tears when they told me, no matter what happen, they will follow Christ all their lives.

On 7 May, my key leader’s mother in law passed away. I was glad I was able to visit her during this time of grieve and fulfilled her desire (as well as her husband’s desire) to hold a Christian funeral service for the mother in law (she accepted the Lord and baptized last year april). It was quite a commotion in the family as the other family members insisted on holding Buddhist rituals for the deceased. After much prayer, the family members finally agreed to set aside a time slot for us to hold a simple Christian funeral service. And it turned up that the time slot they gave us was the best since during that time, the guests turn up was the most and many were able to hear about God and good news. Many of the non Christians responded very positive to the way a Christian funeral service is held. Over 40-50 Christians turned up to support the service too, they too were very much encouraged. Thank God that He makes a way when there seems no way. New people are added to this big family here and and we believe the kingdom of God will continue to expand in this land that so filled with darkness as well as superstitious.

  • God’s Grace and Protection

Lots of God’s grace and protection needed in every aspect of our lives while living here. Out in the roads, many just do not follow the traffic rules, and if not for God’s protection, may get into accidents easily. Like last year, suddenly out of nowhere, someone put bombs on few buses and some people were killed. Unpredictable things happen, and we just need to trust in God’s grace and protection as we live in this country. Is so true, everyday is a gift from God and we need to treasure every moment that He gives us.

Of course besides outside, need grace too at home. Haha….Lots of grace as I learnt to live with another person, and adjust to married life. Learnt lots of precious lessons from my hubby as well as just living together as a couple. I thank God for this opportunity of learning as well as growing.

During this recent trip that I was out, sure experience the abundant of God’s grace and protection. Not sure what happened, upon arrival at our destination, I suddenly felt very sick. Had intense headache and vomited nonstop. It was late in the night, and I was in a small town (happened that few days there was no water supply in that town too), the nearest hospital was like half an hour away. Frankly speaking, the last place I like to go is the hospital. Like many locals tell me, you can walk in hospital not feeling too sick, but after you get in, you became more sick. I am not joking, it does feel that way. So at that point (running into toilet every other minutes to vomit, worst part is no water supply in the motel), I just able to cry out to God for healing.

God is good, He answered my prayer. He healed me that very night. He even grants me few hours of good sleep, and when I woke up the next morning, I was totally healed and was able to proceed with the work again. That night was truly scary, but God’s grace and protection is enough for me. I am so grateful for what He has done. It is so exciting to journey with God, He never fail to surprise us with things.


  1. Pray for wisdom upon Richard as he continue with his language study for another year
  2. Pray for Richard and me as we begin this exciting journey together as a couple
  3. Pray for our exploratory trip to Shangri-La in end May. We planning to move there next year
  4. Pray for our work among the minority, that the local believers faith will continue to grow strong and work to keep expanding

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  1. It was really difficult to bid farewell to loved ones. I have learnt much from Matthias. At the airport, he was holding onto me tightly most of the times but when asked to greet people or take picture, he would be obedient to do it. He may be young but somehow he knew he was leaving soon to a new country. I am looking forward to visit them in June. How I hope that both Ric and yourself could come.

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