From hopelessness to HOPE

Mdm Li just accepted the Lord two weeks ago.
Her whole life was full of difficulties and misery. She was never happy for a single day. Last year alone, she had to suffer the lost of her two close family members (husband and mother in law). And this year february, her eldest son was diagnosed with leukaemia. She went around begging for money to treat her son’s condition. She even morgaged her house to raise money to pay for all her son’s hospital expenses. She is in great debt but yet, still could not raise enough money for her son to do a bone marrow transplant. She is clueless what else she can do, she really want to end her life.
Just when she was totally losing hope in life, she came to know the Lord as her Savior and friend. Her life turned 180 degrees. From a sorrowful woman, she became one that fills with joy and peace. She finds hope and purpose in Christ. She even started to share with people about the great God she has.
All glory be unto our God, He is alive!!!!
Will all who read this article, join me to pray for mdm li, that the Lord will strengthen her and lead her through this crisis…….

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