My Visit to the Lepers Home

I was on trip for the last one week. Though it was tiring with all the long hours travelling on buses (worst with people non stop smoking in the bus), but it was all worth it.
One highlight for this trip was to be able to visit the lepers home. It was my first time visiting such a home. Of course initially was little worried and concern if i would get infected. But when i met all these elderly people, my heart just melt. They were despised and considered outcast by the communities, and even by their own family members. There seemed no hope and future for them.
They were very touched when we (strangers to them, no relations to them) visited them and showed love and care to them. Almost all of them accepted the Lord as their Lord and Saviour. They were just thirsting for God. When we shared our testimonies and the Word, many of them tears…they were just so touched and encouraged.
After visiting them, though we encouraged them, but i myself was in turned being encouraged. I was reminded to treasure what i have, to be contended with whatever the Lord gives me, and to continue to allow God to use me as a vessel to bring hope and love to the lost. The world really NEED God!!!!!