Our ‘Unforgettable’ Shangrila Trip – Part Two

Despite the disappointment i might have with the horce racing festival, but God is good, i experienced few encouragements during the trip.

First, i met with a youth whom myself and ex-colleague had spent few months disciple her. When she first believed, everytime when we met her for bible study, she would say she had no time read the bible, she cannot open her mouth to pray to God. There was not much spiritual growth and seemed no breakthrough in her life. We could only pray for her and asked God to intervene. One time, she came for our training (by force from her aunty), and right at the training, the Lord worked deep in her life, she was totally broken before God. Her life changed 180degree. She went back to her village (up in the mountain), though persecuted by family, relatives, no christians around to encourage her, she still stand firm in God, clinging strongly to God. Finally she was able to come to shangrila to work, and her boss is a christian, they have bible studies at work everyday. It was such a great joy for me to meet with her again. She told me she will equip herself now and one day she wants to serve God full time. What a tremendous joy and comfort to hear that!!!!I am glad we did not give up on her at the initial stage, the Lord has truly began a good work in her.

Second, i was able to meet with some foreign friends in this place. They were very helpful and give us much tips about our plan to move to shangrila next year. It gave me great comfort to know that when we move to this place, there are many great friends here whom we can relate with and we are not alone.

Third, it was a nice getaway for both me and richard.

So all in all, eventhough there was disappointment, but yet overall, i would say the trip is fruitful and enjoyable. This is my second trip with richard to this place, but i find each time i come, the Lord just added greater burden in me for the tibetans. I know the Lord loves the tibetan enormously, and i am glad we could be part of his vessel to reach them.

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  1. What a trip. Patience is a good fruit to acquire with. It sure remind me of those days in Kaz. Being at peace with Him is such a pleasure.

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