Seasons & Roads

Life has many seasons.

You know how some people always put a positive spin on things? They’ll do their best to to find atleast one thing to hold up as evidence that it will all work out or that it wasn’t all that bad. Sometimes it is quite tue, other times it’s a bit of s tretch. You know someone like that, right? Or maybe you are that someone. 😉 I know I often am.

But to be honest even we who serve ‘in the field’ have our rough patches. I find myself in one of these right now. Being recently married I expected that our financial support would grow to meet the new level of need. It hasn’t, and in fact has decreased. I feel the need for greater input and prayer as I face new challenges both in ministry and in learning to be a good husband but instead seem to rarely hear from friends. The home church is an excellent place to go to in tough times but it appears that there have been alot of changes and now I am experiencing communication difficulties. In less than two months we will be visiting the States but I have not yet been able to line up even a single speaking engagement. I am feeling quite stressed and burdened these days. I know it doesn’t fit the ‘positive’ outlook but this is the reality right now.

I remain convinced that I am in the right place doing the right things! So why does the road seem to have so many stones in it, why is the path so steep these days?

There is great potential at the same time. I am in the final 6 months of my language phase. It’s been a long battle but I believe the investment is well worth it! There is a huge harvest field here that is ready, but alot of the reaping requires the language (not to mention the discipleship that follows). Doors are opening for us to live in Shangri-la! Strategic connections are being made. New relationships are being nurtured. In 5-10 years there could be several churches in places that previously not one person had heard the gospel even a single time! There is great potential. And I want to be here to see it, to be a part of it all happening!

As I face this difficult time I can only hope that this is a winter season. In winter many things die on the surface. It is a difficult time for living. But underneath the soil roots sink deeper, searching for greater nurishment. And after persevering through the winter there is an explosion of new growth. Oh Lord let it be so!

I am reminded tonight of a lesson that both Job and Paul learned. They both endured very difficult times and seasons. And they both learnt to be content with what God gave them. Whether plenty or little, whether blessing or hardship, they were able to accept it all, so long as it came from the hand of the Lord. I hope that I will not just endure this season, but that I might also learn this lesson as well.

In the name of Christ, my precious Savior,


2 thoughts on “Seasons & Roads

  1. Hey Rich, thank you for the honest sharing, I pray that our good Lord will make straight the paths and easy the road as you n Cas continue to trust in Him!

  2. Yesterday, Ps Song was sharing in our Tuesday gathering of a realm called the realm of His glory and this is the realm where our Hero J lived. Any situation nor circumstances cannot limited Him. There are many things we thought we know, but we do not. There are many experiences we went through and we think we went far, but we did not. The key is to hunger for HIM, until our spiritual eyes are opened, but our physical eyes are shut, and things will move from spiritual to the physical realm.

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