Very encouraging hospital visits…..

Visited two local friends of mine in the same hospital, mr Luo and mr Ying.

I first met Mr Luo three years ago. He was a policeman, badly injured while dealing with a drug trafficking case. He was in coma when admitted into the hospital, and the doctor was not very optimistic about his condition. Even if he did wake up from his coma(which may need a miracle), he may become a vegetable. However, his wife did not want to give up trying to save her husband’s life. It was at this point, we got to know this couple, we prayed with them and they accepted the Lord as their Savior. Every week, without failed, we visited them, prayed with them. After about a year, though Mr Luo was still in kind of coma, but he was able to at times responded by nodding his head. By God’s grace, one hospital in beijing willing to take him in to enhance the treatment. With his wife, they went to beijing for over a year and came back to Km end June. When i saw Mr Luo yesterday, oh mine, i was just full of thanksgiving to God. Though this recovery process will still need to take a long while, but at least now, he is out of coma, he can recognised people, he can write, he can responded by speaking few simple words, he can sit, he can walk a little with some help etc. All these things if it was three years back, we did not even think he can do it. It truly is a great miracle of God. His father came to know the Lord too two years ago, and he is just growing so strong in the Lord. He too, was very encouraged to see what the Lord did in his son’s life. Let’s continue to pray that Mr Luo will recover completely and he can be a mouth piece for God….

Mr Ying, was daignosed with leukaemia last feb. We visited him in the hospital in early June and he accepted the Lord as His Savior. During that time we visited him, he just went through the second round of his chemo treatment, and he was suffering badly from all the side effects like vomitting, no appetite etc. So when he needed to go through a third chemo treatment in end June, we encouraged him to pray, to ask God to lead him through, and that he will go through with much ease, no side effects. When i visited him yesterday, he just finished with his third round of chemo treatment, and he told me, this third round, he went through it with much ease. He did not feel so sick like the last two times….All glory be unto God. I told him God answered our prayer and God will continue to lead him through. Do pray for him that he will get a suitable bone marrow donor, and that the family will be able to raise 450k rmb for the transplant. May God heals and restore him totally….

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  1. Very encouraging stories. Any picture to attach to come along will speak even much more to your reader.

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