If I’m not mistaken then I must be on an invisible rollercoaster. Life can take sudden turns without warning. And above all it just seems to be flying by!

Over the last two months we’ve been to Shangri-la once and made village trips a couple of times. Please keep the local believers in prayer in a place that we’ll just call Detroit. Someone who used to be a friend to them and us has gone there in December and stirred up lots of confusion and distrust. Why has this brother done such a thing? Pray for unity among the local believers that this would be an opportunity for them to more fully own their faith, not being swayed by every person that comes along claiming to be the best one to lead them. Pray that they would grow into leaders themselves!

Last week we had our yearly retreat in Thailand. We had an excellent speaker from Singapore come, Pastor Yang, who really encouraged us! On thursday evening we also had a short service where I received my ordination. May the Lord enable me to serve Him well in all things!

Now we are in Singapore to pass the Chinese New Year with Cassandra’s side of the family. We’ll be here till March 3rd.

Please remember us on February 23rd (February 22nd for those in the U.S.)! I will be going in to apply for a Permanent Resident permit for Singapore. Pray that as they go over the paperwork and details that I would receive favor.

Thanks, God bless!

Richard's Ordination

Prayer during Ordination