Highlight of the day!!!

On wed, 7apr, i had four meetings in a row. Super exausting. What makes it worst was the night before, about 3am, one neighbour, not sure what happened, cried, screamed, seemed to be in a fight with someone. it went on for like one hour…Me and hubby did not get much sleep for the night. So with four meetings and no sleep the night before, just made me so tired at the end of the day.

However, one of the meeting was the highlight of the day for me – meeting with my key leader from the village. She was sharing with me great things Father is doing in her life as well as her husband’s life, and her plans to expand the ministry that she has been doing. Is so good to hear all that from her, especially the ministry part, because it just showed she truly grasp the vision and she is taking on the vision for the good news to spread among her people group. We are both so excited as we talked about how to implement new things to the ministry.

Beside the ministry, is hearing how Father has been doing a great work in her husband’s life. Just months ago, the husband has no desire to serve, and many times, when they are in small groups, the husband will argue with his wife on little things. But lately, he started to enjoy serving, and even taking initiative to serve. Moreover, the couple has stopped arguing in small groups. PTL.

Just so excited as we believe Father will do great things among the believers in the village. And do keep this couple in prayer, that Father will continue to do deep work among them and they can be effective intruments to be used by God.