Is raining here

Maybe to many of you, where you are living in now, rain come and go. So it is not surprising to have rain. But over here in Yunnan, there has been quite a serious drought, some of the places, they running short of water supply. It is quite serious here. Since November last year, there has not been a single drop of rain till these past few days. Many here, have been praying that God will send some rain to this dry land.

I remembered the first down pour came last Thursday night. Richard and i were in a restaurant having dinner with some guests, and suddenly there was a heavy rain that came. When we heard the sound of the rain drop, we burst into great joy because we see God’s faithfulness in providing rain to this place. And what most marvellous was, after which, the next few days, it rains at least once everyday.

We are just so thankful for the rain, especially for those living in places where drought hit.

This whole drought that is going on, just reminds me once again, not to take things for granted. Anything can happen around us just like that, and everyday is truly a gift and grace to us by God.

Though the town we live in now is not hit by drought, but we do feel for those in the villages who are hit by it. That is why when it rains, our hearts just burst off with joy, because we know those out there, will have some source of water now.

Will appreciate if you can pray with us about the drought problem here, that it will soon be over, and that those villages hit by it will have water supply once again.