My one week trip

Richard’s boss from usa came for a 8days visit, and we brought him to shangrila as well as dali. He really enjoyed himself very much during the trip. And when he was in shangrila, he commented he felt good spiritually about the place. Though the spiritual atmostphere in the place is very heavy and depressing, but he felt we are moving to the right place and surely Father will do his work in this place. Amen!!! It is so great hearing that from him, and it just furthered affirmed, our decision to move to shangrila is the right decision. We spent some time together praying for the place as well as the office, that richard and his partner will be starting the mountain biking company.

I personally am so thankful to Father that this time, i did not have any altitude reaction while in shangrila. The last two times i was there, i was feeling terrible (vomiting and headache) due to the altitude reaction. I prayed so hard before this trip that i will not have any such reaction, as i do not want to fall ill, and then bound in the hotel room. And Father is good, i have no altitude reaction at all this time, and i could just enjoy the whole time. PTL…

After shangrila and dali, richard and his boss head back to KM, while i continue on the visit to the village. During our meeting, i asked everyone to share something they are happy about this past week. Many of them shared the goodness of God in their life. What impressed me most was many of the things they shared are just simple everyday life things, but yet, they prayed and they experienced God answering their prayers. Father is concerned even the little details in our lives. It so encouraged me to see each of them, coming to God in such child like faith.

So, in all, was just a great and wonderful week for me. Father is so good, sure there are ups and downs in life, but then, He is always so good and faithful to his children.