My weekend

Beside busy with different things, this past weekend, i actually had my first attempt to make ‘tang yuan’ from scratch.

My local friends in the village gave me many things (i am serious, it was really a lot, i think the whole big bag can easily weighed 8-10kg), as a form of gratitude for all i have done for them. I have declined to take their stuff many times, because these are food that will last them for a whole year. But this time, they insisted i needed to take it else they would feel so rejected. And they assured me they have more than enough because Father so blessed them. Finally, i agreed to take, but told them please, just a little will do as i don’t cook often and is just two of us at home. And their little turned up to be 8-10kg!!!

You be amazed at what they gave me: big piece of preserved pork(they so funny, they specially hide this big piece of meat at the bottom of the bag because they know i may not take it. I only discovered it when i came back home), herbs, glutinous rice flour, dried persimon, walnuts, bottle of honey and fermented tofu. They are just so so hospitable, they are not rich but they are so generous, i am really blessed by their love to me.

So since i have a big bag of glutinous rice flour, and my local friends so excited to teach me how to use them, i need to use right?I  started my  ‘tang yuan’ making adventure.

I tried made ‘tang yuan’ as well as glutinuous rice cake. I have to figure up the measurements of water and flour to use since my local friends not able to tell me any measurements (i think even with their eyes close, they can do it.haha). My first try turned up not as ideal as i would like it to be, but it is edible.haha…I realised it was so fun just trying them. Believe will do better next time.:)

pure honey

Fermented Tofu

Dried persimons and herbs

Preserved Pork

3 thoughts on “My weekend

  1. Wow!!! You really got alot of good food there! Keep updating your blog! I’m your big fan! 🙂

  2. so thankful to hear of how Dad supplies for all your needs, would love to meet up with the people you minister to the next time we visit.

    • yup, yes, Father is good….sure, when u come next, i will bring u to visit all my friends…:)they sure welcome u…:)

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