Our Easter Party

We were invited to attend a easter party organized by a friend of ours from USA. Over 30 people came. Although we did not know more than half of them, but yet, it was still a great time of celebrating Easter as we remembered the resurrection of our Christ. It was encouraging to hear from each of them what easter means to them.

For me, it means a hope and purpose in life. If without Christ, i not sure where i will be now, life will be so miserable for me. J has been a great friend, father and companion to me all these years. He is forever so faithful. For my hubby, easter means a new and fresh beginning. Whoever who came to know Christ, truly will experience a new beginning. And for us, everyday is so exciting and refreshing, because He is with us…

On top of all that, the Lord is so good to me, He lets me meet with a friend at the party, we have not met for over a year. it was a good time of just catching up and knowing how things with her.

Thanks to the host who organised the party, lots of good and delicious food, and a meaningful time of gathering.