Jack of all trades, master of none

Back streets of Old Town, Shangri-la

I freely admit it. I like working with my hands. I’m a hands-on type of guy. Nothing wrong with more intellectual work, I’ve tried my hand at that as well and have done just fine. But there’s something very satisfying about using the two hands that God gave you, working and sweating for a period of time, and being able to SEE the results! In many other avenues of work it’s a bit rare to be able to measure your progress. In the area of sharing the gospel you can sometimes go for vast periods of time without seeing visible, tangible results – that which is occurring is beneath the surface for a long time until it sprouts forth with joy and excitement.

During the last trip to Shangri-la I had the pleasure of doing more hands-on work, together with Dave Seaman. Praise God, the wiring is finally done!!! Our office now has both power and lights! It took alot of work – installing new lines here and there, then troubleshooting the old switches and such that didn’t work. Then there was the matter of getting the electrician to put some live lines into the place (which is a long story that I won’t tell here) but it’s done now! All of this leaves me very grateful to the King’s Lodge in England where I learnt so many practical skills!

Thanks for all your prayers, as always they are very needed, indeed essential. 🙂 We’re very excited to be able to move up to Shangri-la in just a few short months and move into the next phase of work.