My past weeks

It has been many weeks since i last put up a new post. Well, it was a busy season for us as we have couple of guests from USA that came and visited us. It was especially an exciting time for richard, because all his many years in the field, there was no friends from USA that were able to come and visit him. But just over the last few months, a few of them came, and one of them is a leader in his club back in USA.

Over the past years that i was in the field, i hosted many different people. I must confess, some of the guests just drained you off, and you just cannot wait for them to leave. On the other hand, there are guests whose visit were such a great blessing to me, and end of the day, felt refreshing after they leave. I must say, over the past weeks, those guests from USA belong to the second catergory. Their visit was such a great encouragement to us, and we are so blessed by them. We were able to bring them to visit shangrila, they were all so excited with what Father is leading us into, and they gave their full support in what we be doing. It feels really nice to know that people are not just interested in what we are doing, but they embrace and love us as individuals.

Oh, the other highlight for me past few months was that my sister was able to visit us in China. She also has the opportunity to visit shangrila with us. I am in china for many years, so far, only my eldest brother and his family were able to visit me. So i was very excited when my sister came.

Next two months will be another busy months for us. Not with guests, but with packing, finding housing, and moving to shangrila. On top of that, richard will need to start processing his business visa. Though the application seems straightforward, but with the frequent changes of laws here, nothing is absolute and straightforward. So will need lots of prayer from all of you out there. Below are some prayer requests:

1)pray that richard will get his business visa within the next two months
2)pray that we find the right housing (one that gives us lots of sun, since it is cold most times of the year there) in shangrila
3)pray that packing and moving can be smooth going
4)pray for health on both of us. We have been falling sick more often lately