Narrow escape!

It was bound to happen. The last time I set foot in the school was in January. After 4 1/2 months they caught up with me. Said it was time to settle up accounts with the university. When was I coming to class they asked?

I wasn’t really looking forward to having to attend school again.

My language skills are not awesome but they are fairly respectable. We plan to move in two months and are in the midst of various preparations for both the business as well as working on getting the new visa. Not a very convenient time to have to start attending class again (and pay a full semester’s fee’s!)

To give a little bit of background, last year I registered (and paid for) for the fall semester which lasts till the end of January. But when my passport got submitted for the student visa the police somehow made a mistake and gave me a 1 year visa (and a Korean guy only got 6 months). So although I only registered for 6 months of classes the visa is technically still for their school.

Praise the Lord! After committing everything into His hands (and they’re pretty big hands!) we went to the school to talk things over with the teacher. I had already decided not to make too big of a fuss. I simply explained our situation to them and said that for us it would be best not for me to attend class. But if they would get in trouble for me not being there then I would do my best to attend classes. And they were totally understanding and agreed to ‘let me off the hook’ for this semester. Furthermore they said that if we weren’t able to get moved in time then I could register with them again and then just attend classes when and as I was able – like one week there one week away, that sort of thing.

Isn’t He good? Thanks Lord!!!