Battle of the Bulge

Perhaps few battles in U.S. history are as famous as the battle of the bulge. In case you didn’t know, I wasn’t in it. 🙂 However I am in the midst of a less famous battle by the same name. Not long before I got married (a bit over a year ago now) my bicycle was stolen and I had no money to buy another. Between no bicycle and being married I’ve definitely lost some ground in the realm of fitness.

After being on the sidelines for a year it’s time to get back into the battle! Today was D-Day, a humble beginning. I covered a mere 20 kilometers today, although 2 of them were straight up a mountain, so much so that if I stroked the pedal too hard my front tire would leave the ground…!

For myself, for my wife, for the business, I’m going to do my best to get fit again and to be a more useful tool in the Lords hand.

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