Business Prepartions

Isn’t the Lord good?!

Cassandra and I have just finished visiting the three government offices that are responsible for allowing foreigners to live in China under work/residential permits. From what we’ve been told the process sounds quite straight forward – a true rarity here in the Middle Kingdom (not to be confused with middle earth!).

Several letters will need to be written from the company, inviting me to join them and so forth. I’ll have to get a new (very thorough medical check-up… which even includes an ultrasound! What could they possibly be looking for in me? Also will to take one or two outside trips. But overall it ‘appears’ not terribly difficult since I’m joining in to an existing business. Also it might be cheaper than we originally expected – always a welcome surprise! 😉

Believing that this is the Lord showing us favor! Please continue to keep us in prayer for these matters – our rental agreement runs out in the beginning of August so that doesn’t leave us much time to get this all squared away..