Hospital Visit

Few days ago, richard and i went to the hospital to visit a 13years old boy. He was burn almost 80% in a fire, and his parents both died in the fire. Thank God, through help from many people, he was able to come to Kunming for treatment, and he was accompanied by his older brother who is 20years old. It is indeed a miracle that this boy able to survive from the fire.

We met the older brother first at the basement of the hospital. He was a chatty young man, very gentle in spirit too. He told us, it was truly God who has preserved his brother’s life. The 13years old boy was little shy when we first saw him. He hardly spoke any words, and he told us his whole body still in pain. Every day at the hospital, he has to do some therapy, and each time when he does it, he is in great pain. He has been asking his older brother to bring him home.

At this situation, we are not sure what to say to comfort him. He is just a 13years old boy, in real pain, and we cannot do anything to help him except to pray for him. After some chatting with them, we decided to play UNO with them. It is amazing to see how this simple game, actually started to bring laughter and smile out of this little boy.:)

Towards the end of the visit, we see both this boy and his brother’s face lighted up, they started to have more laughter and smiles on their faces. Though what we can do is so little, but yet, seeing them cheer up, just warmed our hearts and brought us much comfort.

We gave the UNO cards to them as a gift. And when we left, few other patients in the hospital, came by their room to play with them UNO. Being bounded in the hospital for such a long time can be very bored for these brothers, but we are glad at least now, they have something that they enjoyed that they can play.

Do continue to pray for this boy that he will recover fully soon. And for the older brother, who is the care giver for him, will continue to have great strength and patience to take care of his brother.