In His Arm of Protection

Two weeks ago i was on my usual monthly trip to the village. Had a good time with fellow friends there. It was their busy times in the field, but i was very encouraged to see them still come for small group meeting. We started the meeting closed to 9pm, and ended like 11pm. Father’s presence was so strong in our midst, and we just knelt before Him in surrender.

Everything went on smoothly, and i left after a few days. However, the very next day after i reached home, i got a call from our friend in the village that one of our sister, she had a big fight with her husband and had left home. Her husband who is a non christian, threatened all our friends that he would report them to the police if he still cannot locate his wife.  It was a whole mess, but thank Father, the sister who ran away from home, came back, staying with her parents now. The couple still have quite a few issues to deal with, but that sister was very comforted that fellow brothers and sisters are there praying for her, comforting her during this time of difficulties. Do pray for this couple that Father will restore the marriage, and that the husband will come to know Father soon.

Then another day later, i heard yet another news. A friend of mine whose aunt works in the government office, told her the authorities in the village have been having many meetings to discuss on how to deal with c groups who are not registered, and especially looking out for foreigners who are working with these groups.

When i heard that, i was just so grateful to Father for his divine protection. It was like i was entering into a lion den but yet, i was kept safe from the lions in the den…:)It would not be difficult at all for them to locate me during my last trip, but i believe Father somehow blind their eyes, and i was all right.

I must say to be able to live here, everyday is by His grace. Will appreciate all of you out there, to continue to keep us in prayer. Your prayers do make a great difference in our lives and the local lives here.