It’s a fixed match!

Ever watch a sporting event and at the end of the match you just can’t help but feel that the REFEREE’s decided the game? You can’t shake the feeling that somehow the game was fixed?

Sometimes that’s how I feel. Like the event is decided even before it was played. God is the referee. And I’m on the winning team! Thanks so much Lord! I don’t deserve it at all, your grace is amazing!!

What’s the latest example? After a year of just using an electric scooter I’ve finally bought a bicycle again. I saw an ad where a guy was selling a decent mountain bike at a very reasonable price. Not only is it time for me to get fit again, but also it seems a good idea since I’m helping to open a mountain biking company – should own a mountain bike, right? 😉

Someone else offered him more money for it and I couldn’t go past my budget. I was a bit bummed. But I figured – God must have a plan, right? I really DO need to have a bike, this isn’t just a luxury or toy for me..

And lo and behold, after praying and waiting a week I got another email. The other guy buying disappeared so now it was mine if I wanted it. Was totally worth it to exercise the faith muscle! Isn’t God good?