Scouting trip – success!!

It was a long trip. We headed out on the 8:30pm night bus. 2/3rds of the way up we caught up with the 8pm bus. Lying on its side. In the ditch. All told our 12 hour ride turned into 16 hours. Praise God we arrived safe! Tired, but safe!

If we had left a 1/2 hour earlier this would have been us!

The purpose of this trip was to meet a small team from our home church in Singapore. We had invited them to come and scout out the land. They are gifted in sharing the Good News and if they catch the vision and we find a way to work together then we’ll be even better equipped for advancing the kingdom!

Although they only visited for 2 1/2 days they still managed to get a good feel for things up there. During that time they found time to share the news with three people, one in the village, one in town, and one in the airport as they were heading out… and two out the three accepted the good news! Praise God!

This is the very reason we will be moving to Shangri-la. Not to move believers from one fellowship to another. Not to just encourage righteous living by example. We want the lost to hear the good news, hope for the hopeless! We’ll begin follow up on our next trip up.

Isn’t it exciting to see fruit? Thank you for all your prayers, you’re part of this!