Thank You Lord

Today is my birthday, and i like to take this opportunity to thank God for all His wonderful blessings in my life.

1)Thank God for who He is and His faithfulness in my life: Eventhough at this point i am not getting any salary, but our God is so faithful, His providence is so abundant and i am never in lack…

2)Thank God for a excellent hubby He gives me: Richard has been a great companion, friend to me. I am still in amaze at how God brings us together

3)Thank God for my warm and wonderful family: my mum, brothers, sis in laws, sister, niece and nephew. They have been such a great support and encouragement to me all these years

4)Thank God for giving me three faithful prayer partners from spore in KM (one of them already went back spore)

5)Thank God for showering me with friends from all over the world: friends who prays for me, write to me, many even give sacrificially to me.

6)Thank God for the many great local friends He gave me. In the past i used to have many prejudices against the local chinese, but yet, these local friends of mine change my views and perspectives. They let me see what it means to be Christ like.

7)Thank God for opening new work for us ahead…though we are not there yet, but we believe He will bring us there in His perfect time.

8)Thank God for a home church in spore who loves and accept us

And many many more…….To be realistic, of course there are bad times that we experience here, but yet, God is always more than able to lead us through.

Dear Lord, i am so thankful to you, no amount of words can express my full gratitude to you. The past few years in the field have been the most fulfiling years in my life, and i know the years ahead of me will even be more fulfiling and exciting, because i know you will do great things….