Birthday 2.0

Okay, so we just celebrated my (Richard’s) birthday yesterday. What a blast!

Started off by skipping class – the day already felt special! Then for lunch we went to Chicago Coffee, the one and only place in Kunming where you can get some seriously delicious coffee creations. After drinking down a Reese’s Frappuccino and sharing a small pizza & slice of cheesecake we headed down to the city center.

We caught a mid-afternoon showing of Inception in English. Yeah, that was a confusing movie. The premise was okay but somehow the execution was lacking.

Then we headed home and finished up the day with my wife making Laksa for dinner. Wow! Birthday’s are all a thousand times better now that I’m married! Thanks Sweetheart for giving me such a special day!

Very thankful for all the blessings the Lord has given me this last year. I’d make a list, but, well….. that would be a rather long list. 😉