Grace, grace, need lots of it…..

Just when we thought the paper works to get richard his business visa is moving forward, i received a call “Mdm Ling, sorry, we cannot process the paper works for your husband”…..Urggh…..What’s the problem this time?

Since April or May this year, we have been trying and working on these paperworks, but again and again, obstacles after obstacles, delays after delays, it still did not seem to move on any bit. Majority of the foreigners here, they usually will pay a local agent like 7-8k rmb to assist them with such paperworks. But for us, since i have the advantage of being fruent in Chinese, and we wanted to cut down expenses cost, we decided to try processing all these paperworks ourselves.

In the midst of all these difficulties, sometimes i so tempted to just give up, and pay someone to do it for us. The problems seem never ending. But with Father’s strength, we did not give up lah. Though facing so much difficulties in getting the paperworks going, but i must still say, our Father is good, and truly, His grace and strength is always more than enough for us. In the midst of all these challenges, we also witnessed Father’s hands in all, and a few times, He even sent His angels to come around us to help us.

Finally, yesterday, we managed to hand in and start our first stage of the paparworks process. And for a change, at least we making a small progress. Nothing can be for sure in this land, for example, one officer in the government department is supposingly helping us to process our papers, but within few days, he is transfered to another department, and our files are passed over to another new person. And the process need to restart again. So nothing can be for sure, and all we can do, is to pray.

I not sure what other surprises i may get from these paperworks process, but we believe we will GET IT in Father’s perfect time.

To be continued…….