Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

中秋节快了!Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

We’re back from our travels and I’m very thankful to be home again! It seems we ended up traveling during a regional heat wave…bad news because Hong Kong was around 33c (92 Fahrenheit) and humid. Chengdu wasn’t much cooler either!

Since it was my first time I had alot to see in Hong Kong- quite a place! We took the Star Ferry, visited Disneyland, at dim sum, etc…. but my favorite? Taking the tram up to The Peak and watching sunset followed by all the lights in the city turning on. Beautiful!

In Chengdu Cassandra was able to help with a training that was going on. We had a great time catching up with Singaporean friends, Matt Haberstro, and our amazing host David Gartner.

Finally we returned home to discover that the moon cakes are all sold out till next year. 🙁

2 thoughts on “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

  1. Hongkong disney land? Oh boy, lucky you, I’ve been persuading LC to bring us there with our kids, but to no avail. He thinks the polluted air there is just not good for our lungs, even for a shrort holiday, plus, he doesn’t want to give me any chance of a shopping frenzy… what to do, i’m the wife, so I have to submit.

    • hi cousin, well, the HK disney is really small one..:)it is nice for young kids..like nathan age..:)maybe wait till your daughter slightly older, then go. Then both kids can enjoy.haha…it is true HK air is polluted, but the area where disneyland is located, is not as bad…air better.haha…u guys can sign up package and stay in disneyland lor…Is my hubby first time to HK, and he quite like the many nature around HK..haha…in the past he thought HK is just another city, with tall buildings, but this time, after he went, he realised there are many nice nature things to do in HK..:)maybe next time we all can go together..haha…in the meantime, u try to talk nice things about HK to lai chong..haha

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