Grace, grace, i need lots of grace (continued part 2)

Finally after waiting for more than 3weeks, the government office called us, said the first stage of my hubby business process has been approved, we can collect the paper and proceed with second stage. Wow, it is sure a great news. When we reached the office to collect the paper, guess what the person told us was the reason for all the delay?He said:” Oh, actually the paper was approved few days after we handed in. The delay was because their printer broke down, and they cannot print the paper for us.” Can you believe it?I almost faint when i heard the reason. Anyway, no complaints, we still maintain a smiling face to thank him for all his help.

So what’s next?Apparently no one really know the exact procedures¬† we should follow to get all paperworks done. He directed us to the next department and asked us to find out more from there. So we went. At the next office, there was a lady in queue in front of us. Guess she was also processing some papers, and the officer at the counter did not seem very friendly. Both richard and i were thinking, oh no, we have quite a few questions for the officer, not sure if we can get answers to all our questions since he looks really unfriendly.

Our turn came. The officer looked at us, still that unfriendly look, and asked what we wanted. I tried to maintain my smile and tell him we like to proceed with our second stage and what we should do. He looked at one of our paper, and started to explain to us what we needed to hand to him to proceed with second stage. He named some letters that i need to produce to him too. And he even said i could come up with drafts of those letters, and he is willing to go through them with us. Then we asked more questions, and he tried his best to answer us. At the end of our conversation, we found this officer to be quite nice after all. He may look unfriendly, but yet he was pretty helpful. Thank Father for that.

So now, we are in the midst of preparing our second stage of application. We need to get the second stage done within a month, else our first stage process will be wasted. So please pray with us that the second stage will go through quick and smooth.

There are still many more stages ahead of us, but we trusting in Father to lead us a step at a time.:)

Thanks to you all who standing with us….May God bless you

Look up for our part 3….to be continued….