Grace, grace, i need lots of it…(continued part 1)

It has been almost two weeks since we handed in our first stage of business application for my hubby. I called the office this morning to check on the status of our application. And guess what they told me? “Oh, we have already handed your application to our higher authority, and they have not get back to us.” Full stop. Thats all they told me. They claimed they cannot tell me how long it will take, i just need to wait!!!!!!

I don’t know, but their answer is no answer at all. It makes me feel like there seem to be no end to this. Very very frustrating. There is actually another place that can help with the application process, and we went to enquire, they told us they just need 4 working days. However we cannot do it at that office. Long story. So we are stuck with this place which may take ages to process our application.

Lord, you really need to give us patience and grace for this whole process…

To be continued…..

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