Our ‘adventures’ in signing the house rental contract

Since the business paperworks for richard has been taking so long, and who knows how much longer, we decided to find a cheaper apartment in KM to rent since our existing one the rent is up by 6nov, and the rent is quite high.

We found one last week through a house agent and today is the day where we will meet with the landlord to sign the rental contract. I called the housing agent yesterday to arrange landlord to meet us today at 11am. Everything is set last night, and we are meeting landlord today at 11am.

Our first adventure happened when at 1055am, the agent called me to inform me the landlord cannot make it at the last minute due to work and need to postphone our meeting to 2pm. Both me and richard were so upset because we travelled on bus for more than one hour to come, put down all we need to do, specially made this trip to sign the contract. And just a phone call, the landlord can said he cannot make it. I insisted i needed to call the landlord myself to talk to him. He is busy, his time is precious, what about ours?The agent told us the landlord is a policeman, and therefore he very busy. Since he is a policeman, the more he should be responsible to fulfill his promise to meet us at 11am.

Well, the agent did not dare to let me talk to the landlord, so he called and tried to see if landlord can try to come and meet us now. Landlord still said not possible, but he suggested maybe we can sign the contract near our existing house later today since his office is near that place. Ok, i did not want to make a big fuss, and also did not want our relationship with our landlord starts on unfriendly term, so we agreed.

We then went to the new apartment to check and make sure everything is good and functioning. Then we found two cabinets in the house not done properly, gas cables not fixed. So second adventure is having to go to the management office in that complex and asked them to fix it.

Third adventure is to locate the apartment electric meter to copy down the reading on the meter. The meter is all the way at the basement of the complex, where there is no light at all, pitch dark. My hubby and the agent has to search through the whole area in darkness,and finally found the meter.

Finally thought everything is set and we planned to leave. Guess who called?the landlord!!!He decided to come to meet us at the apartment to sign the contract. I have no idea why he changed his mind and wanted to come, but fine, we waited for him to come.

Landlord arrived and there came the fourth adventure. The first thing he came into the house, he looked around a little, then he very serious, looked at us and told us,”I need to add a clause to the contract.” I thought what happened. He said:”The clause is, we (the tenants) cannot use the apartment for illegal gatherings. If we do, he will take back the apartment immediately.” Oh i see….i thought is something serious. Both richard and i look very proper and decent. But guess to our landlord, this particular point is very important to him. So we assured him we are law abiding people, we always registered with the neighbourhood police when we move into a new complex. There and then, i could feel he felt better and more at ease with us as tenants.

I not sure, but my guess is, is our landlord first time in renting out his apartment, so he is very careful and serious about certain things.

So we clarify other stuff with landlord, and we are good to go and sign contract. We decided to go back to the house agent office to sign the contract. OK, we made our ways down, and another adventure then occurred.:)Our landlord drove his car, and us as well as our house agent, we thought he would just take all of us in his car to the house agent office (which is like 5minutes drive away). Guess what?He did not offer at all to take us. He told us:”i see all of you in the office.”Oh mine, i have no idea what is going on in this man’s mind. The agent also shocked at that. I don’t understand why he cannot give us a lift since we going to the same place?He afraid we may rob him?Oh mine, this is really quite a unique landlord i ever met…

Finally we all arrived at the agent office and we signed the contract. I am glad no more surprises and adventures for us…by the time we done with all these, it was about 330pm. We started the day at 915am (time we set off from our existing place to travel to the new place), and ended only at 330pm. Both me and richard are totally exausted by then.

Though is a day full of adventures for us, nevertheless, i am glad we able to get done what we needed to do – signed the rental contract.

We need to give thanks to God in whatever circumstances…Thank God for everything, and yes, we be moving in a week or two!!!

Do join us in prayer that our packing as well as moving, all will be smooth going. Thanks…

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  1. Can introduce your new landlord to your previous landlord as a reference. Haha. Any picture of your new rented flat

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