Dwarf Kingdom – Yunnan, China

Welcome to Yunnan’s very own Dwarf Kingdom!

The Dwarf Kingdom!

Located less than an hour to the southwest of Kunming the Dwarf Kingdom has got to be one of the strangest places I’ve ever been.

Set up as a tourist attraction, the Dwarf Kingdom is made up of over 100 dwarfs (or little people if you prefer). We went for a visit with some good friends in May of 2010.

The Dwarf Kingdom is a very controversial concept. Many people have said they would never visit such a place that discriminates against dwarfs by making a theme destination out of them for tourists. I can well understand your opinion and sympathize with you.

For me it was a matter of wanting to see the reality of it. To be honest I just couldn’t imagine such a place existing outside of a book or sci-fy movie!

Let me conclude this post with this: the dwarfs themselves overall seemed QUITE HAPPY AND CONTENT with their lives there. There are many issues to this which I’ll save for another time.

Feel free to see the whole set of photos at Flickr! <———- click here! 😉

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  1. Hmm, interesting! Made me read up about this little (pun not intended) community… and honestly doesn’t sound like there is any human exploitation involved! Will need to research for a more solid conclusion but that’s the impression I get so far… 🙂

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