First Babysitting Experience!!!!:)

On tuesday i had the opportunity to help babysit a 10months old baby boy. The family is from mexico, their older daughter, 2 years old, had a pneumonia attack, and was hospitalised. So the parents were taking turns to be at the hospital to care for the girl. They needed help for their younger son, and i thought i would give it a try.

To be honest, this was the very first time i babysit a baby alone(all by myself). I did help to take care of my niece when she was younger, but all the time, my mum was around me, i was just assisting rather than being the main person taking care. So this time was quite a challenge.:)But it turned up very well. The baby was such a happy one, when he first saw me, he just loved me. Haha…no kidding, the mum told me he liked me. Haha…Usually at 10months, the baby can get rather sticky with parents, but this baby, when the mother left right in front of him, he was fine, and continued to play with me.:) I have to play with him, made milk for him, fed him food, and made him took his nap.:)Oh yes, and changed twice diapers for him.:)Thank Father everything went well. He was such a happy kid the whole day.:) Before the mother left, she told me the baby was not feeling well, and he had not been taking much past few days. But i was glad, when i fed him food and milk, he ate most of them.

So i spent the whole afternoon with him alone.:)I literally have to be with him all the time because he is learning to crawl now, and he crawled around, then take anything he can find and put into his mouth (a few times he almost grabbed the house slippers to eat them). My hubby came by around 630pm, and he helped me a little then as by that time, i think i little tired already.Haha….Finally by 8pm, the father came home and he took over from there.

Well, i must say is truly a nice experience taking care of this baby especially when he is in such good mood, happy and smiling all the time.:)It is definitely not easy, and i have a glimpse of how life will be like if we have our own.haha….The mother of the baby told me, no worries, when i have my own baby, somehow i will have the strength and wisdom to know how to care for them eventhough i have no previous experiences.:)

Was quite an enjoyable experience.:)

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  1. wah not bad siah…babysitting alone! the baby sure gave you face! Glad you had a good experience and looking forward to having your own!

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