Grace, grace, i need lots of it (continued part 3)

Followed up from the last blog i wrote, we got all the letters and documents ready, brought it to the officer to proof read and edit. He seemed to be in good mood today, smiling when he saw us. He read, said they were all ok, just needed little changes. We were happy to hear that. Then nightmare started in the next second. He told us he cannot process the documents for us, we need to bring down to another department to do it. Arggh….we were shocked to hear it because the last time we saw him, he told us he could do it right there for us. I asked him why last time he said we could do it there, he did not answer my question directly, just said, ours is a foreign company, so we need to bring to the other department to do it.

Now you all know why it can be so frustrating to get things done here?????Anyway, since God’s grace is sufficient for us, we found out where the other department was, and will proceed sometime this week.

Not sure if there will be more surprises at the other department. I hope not, hope things can be more straightforward for us. I called that department this morning, and the person said, if everything goes well, it only takes two working days to process this part of the business process.

Please join us in prayer as we go on this ‘Wild Goose Chase’….

Will keep you updated….