Grace, grace, i need lots of it (continued part 4)

Continued from where i last wrote, so we brought the documents (as mentioned by the last office staff) to the department to process our licence. We were told these are NOT the documents they needed!!!The staff printed out like 6-7 different forms and told us to fill and then she told us, “Oh you cannot process the licence now. You need to first go and get approval to bring in your investment money, after money is transmitted in, you need to get an accountant to verify the money. When all that is done, then come back here to process your licence.” Oh mine, we were once again little disappointed that we cannot proceed as we expected. All these while, with all these different surprises non stop coming up, i really really want to give it up..But God has always been there to encourage and give me more grace and strength to move on.

So we went to yet another office to get approval to bring in investment money. The woman at the counter was super super rude and unhelpful. She literally screamed at us when we asked any questions. If she don’t give us any information, there is no way we know how to proceed. Finally she pointed at a stack of papers on the table, and asked us to take home and read it. Then she went off chatting with her colleagues. We left the office feeling so down and defeated. For the next few days, i was very discouraged. I prayed that God will send someone to help us, or He needs to give me wisdom to know how to get all the papers ready for this department. I tried calling few agents to see if we can pay them to help us with this one process. But none of them is willing. They said better we do it ourselves. And it appeared it was not just us, many people who in the past went to this department to process papers, that same lady screamed at them too.

By His divine wisdom, i somehow managed to get the papers ready and we went the second time. Before we stepped into her office, my hubby prayed that God be in total control. And guess what?This time round, this same fierce lady, she suddenly became so tamed. She looked at our papers, told us what needed to be changed etc. We were totally in shocked by her tameness. We know it is not us, but God is at work. Though we still cannot submit the papers yet, but we rejoicing because God has fought the ‘battle’ for us.:) Subsequently, we went in and out of the office few times, because each times, she realised she needed more papers, but each of these times, she never screamed at us, she was not super nice to us, but at least she talked nicely to us. And finally, after few visits, we submitted our papers.

Thank God, the papers went through smoothly, and we needed to go to the bank to settle yet another set of paperworks when the money is transferred in from USA. The Lord sent a angel to us in the bank. The girl at the counter we went to, was just so nice and understanding to us. Yes, more paperworks to be filled, but she explained clearly to us, and she even told us, if we don’t know how to fill, she could do it for us!!!!oh mine, thank you Jesus…

Now we are in the midst of waiting for the money to be transfered in from USA. After money is in, we need to get accountant to verify the money. When that is all done, we are ready to submit all our papers to apply for the business licence where richard’s name will be officially in the company. We pray all these can be done within the next few weeks with no hipcups….

After the business licence is done, there are still many more challenging steps ahead. So we really seek for all of you out there who are reading our blog to keep us in prayer. There is nothing we can do without prayer.

The Lord has led us thus far, we know He who began a good work, will bring it to completion. We know all these processes will be done some day and He be glorified in all these….