We moving to Shangrila!!!!!!

yes, finally, we are moving to shangrila…:)We are engaging a moving company truck to come this sunday 2pm to help move our furnitures and stuff. When that is done, on sunday night, richard and i will take a overnight train plus a 4hours bus ride up to shangrila. We should reach shangrila about 1pm on monday afternoon. After which, we will meet with the truck and take them to our new house to unload our furnitures and stuff. So, by monday evening, we will be settling into our new house in shangrila!!!It has been a long wait for us to be able to move to shangrila. But as we looked back, we know God has his perfect timing and hands in all.

We went up to shangrila early april to look for a suitable place to rent. Within 10days, we able to find a brand new apartment, gets lots of sun, and at a very reasonable rent. It is a miracle itself that we able to find such a nice apartment that quick, because there is no housing agents there, and it is through words of mouth that people get information on rental places. So we see God’s favour in helping us to find a nice apartment.

Then the next thing we are concerned is our apartment in kunming. We paid the rent till end september. In normal circumstances, if we do move out earlier than that, there is no way the lanlord will refund us any money. Nevertheless, we pray and ask God to show favour. And guess what?When we called our landlord, without even needing to explain much, he said he will refund us the remaining months rent!!!praise the Lord.

More thanksgiving followed.:)As our stuff are just little too much, we thought will be nice if we can sell our fridge as well as our electric scooter. Again, usually it takes at least one to two weeks before we can get any buyers. But this time, it just took us 2days and we sold them. God is just so amazing. How can anyone says He is not real….:)

Though it is a busy period for us of packing, saying farewell to friends, settling remaining errands in kunming, but God has been there to lead and guide us, and all have been really smooth.

All praise to God and i like to urge all to continue to pray for us as we move to a new area. That we will settle well and we can be a great testimony for our Father…

Prayer requests:
1)Pray that all our furnitures and things will arrive safely in shangrila (with no broken pieces).
2)Pray for safe travel for richard, me and little baby
3)Pray for health on all three of us
4)Pray that we will settle in the new place smoothly and fast, and can get things done for the house quick too…
5)There will be short term teams coming during the summer, pray that we will be good host and they can catch the vision for shangrila as well
6)Due to the pregnancy, we need to return to singapore for a period. pray that we can find suitable housing in singapore, and also that we can find ministry opportunities in singapore