Holy Hot Hailstones Batman!

Okay, so the hailstones weren’t really hot. Nor were they holy. But WOW, weather sure does change quickly up here at high altitude! At 10,830 feet elevation (that’s just over two miles high) we can enjoy a hot sunny day (sunburn in 20 minutesĀ guaranteed) followed by a hail storm, followed by a hot sunny day again.

Anyway we’re officially moved up to Shangri-la. Thanks for all your prayers, the move went smoothly – and nothing was broken! Praise the Lord!

Our new home is coming along. It has nice wooden floors and is quite spacious. We just got curtains installed in our bedroom and living room which makes a big difference. Now we just have two major things left to do:

1. We need a heating coil put into our water tank. When it’s sunny we have plenty of hot water for showers and washing dishes….but when it’s cloudy for a few days we have the choice of being a bit smelly or catching pneumonia from an ice cold shower. You can guess which we usually choose…

2. Wiring. About 20% of the outlets were never wired into the breaker box. That’s a bit of a bummer because, for instance, our kitchen has no power. We have to string extension cords through the house to plug anything in there. Not terribly toilsome but it will be nice when we can finally get the electrician to show up and work some magic.

That’s the scoop for now! I hope to be able to put in some photos of our apartment and surrounding area soon. Thanks everyone for your love, care, and support! We appreciate it!