Life in Shangrila

It has been three weeks since we moved to Shangrila. During the first few days, it was miserable for me as the weather is cold, we don’t have hot water for shower, when we get people to come fixed or installed things for us, it took them ages to respond etc. Suddenly, it dawned on me, i am no longer living in a big city, i am in a smaller town, and i just needed to learn to adjust to life here.

Thank God, now three weeks had passed, i am finding myself adapting and adjusting better to this place. One area which i am still learning to adjust is the frequent water and electric cut without any notice. The cut can range from one hour to as long as few days. You just cannot predict what will happen each day. I just need lots of God’s grace to live here. Yes, i know His grace is sufficient for me, because it is Him who calls us here.

Just couple of days ago heard from a friend something which really encouraged me, and i know, despite life here is not as easy, but yet God has His favour upon us. Our friend  told us recently he came across a foreign company, they had a new investor in the company, and the new investor contributed 40% of the total company investment capital. But when this new investor went to apply a work visa, he was rejected immediately. The government officer told him his investment amount is too little.

When richard and i heard the news, we were just so surprised. Because the above foreign company, their total company investment capital is the same as the company richard invested in. Richard only invested 20% into the company(as that was the amount we had then). And when we went to process work visa for richard, there was no questions asked, and the government office involved just granted richard the work visa.¬† You tell me, isn’t this our great God favour?????

Hearing from our friend the above news, just encouraged me so much. The Lord once again reminded me His favour is upon us. Though it may seem lots of adjustments especially for me living in this place, but then, God will always be there for me.

God is good, and i know He is good to all of you out there too…Press on friends, our God is faithful….