Step by step we’re moving forward…!

Blessing – Singapore style!

Lifting Him high at Pudaduo National Park, Shangri-la

Last week we had the privilege of hosting a small team from Singapore for about a week. We took them on a Thin Air cycling trip, accompanied them for a day trip to the Pudacuo National Park, and enjoyed countless meals with them (Favorite: Yak Pizza).

It was a wonderful time of focusing on breaking the ground through prayer and praise. They even came to bless and dedicate our apartment! Really wonderful!

Although the focus of the trip was prayer they also had an opportunity to encourage some local believers that are good friends of ours. We can talk all day long about what it is like to be a Tibetan believer – but nothing touches the heart like actually sitting down with a couple of them.

Just want to say thank you so much the team for coming and spending the week with us. You’ve been an encouragement to us and to the locals! Thanks!



2 thoughts on “Step by step we’re moving forward…!

  1. Dear Richard and Cass
    We truly enjoyed ourselves and thanks for hosting us.Yaweh is great and mighty, we are honored to be able to contribute to the works He has laid upon your hearts!Take care and c u soon …..

    • hi lily
      thanks for being such a great encouragement to us during the trip..:)glad you all enjoyed the trip too. I heard from mei, you guys have a gathering at laylian place and it turned up well too..;)happy to hear that…look forward to see u all soon again. from cas

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