19 more days!!!

yes, in 19 more days, we will be going back to singapore. Time really flies fast…Though on one hand very excited to return to singapore, but on other hand, also have many concerns….kind of mixed feelings. The last time i was home for a long time was in 2002, and then i was still a single. This time i am going to be home with my hubby, and soon we will have a new addition to the family. Life will be very different. Just have to trust God in every step that we take, knowing that He will take care of us and be with us.

This morning has a very special experience. I was sitting in the living room having breakfast, when i heard this beautiful voice, singing Tibetan song. She is one of the cleaner in our complex, and as she cleaned the area, she was singing. When i heard her singing, deep within me stirs up this excitment. I am not sure why. So i started to pray for this girl. This is the first time since we arrived here that it happened to me. I know this excitment came from God, and He is making me excited about reaching the Tibetans here.

I did not go out and say hi to this girl as i don’t want to scare her off. Moreover i was still wearing my pyjamas.:)But i do pray for Father’s divine appointment for me to see this girl again and be her friend. How lovely if she can be part of our Big family, and she can used her voice to sing praises to our Father…

I was just sharing to my hubby last night that it is so tough to reach the Tibetans. And today, God gave me such lovely encounter. Thank you Jesus, though i know i am weak and i cannot do many things, but with you, all things are possible.

2 thoughts on “19 more days!!!

  1. Cassandra,

    Thanks for sharing your heart. This is just how I feel when I am around the minority girls at the campus near us! I love knowing that we are just where He wants us. I love having a home full of little girls that enjoy being with the students. He definitely uses our little ones as well!

    • hi stephanie
      yes, i agree totally, the little ones sure is a great bridge for us to the people…:)so when is your estimated due date?

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