Impulsive Peter

Last sunday I had the opportunity to preach at a small Myanmar fellowship (here in Singapore). What an incredible joy!!

They were without question one of the most friendly and welcoming congregations that I have ever had the opportunity to preach to! Not only that but they *came hungry*. What a great pleasure it is to bring the word of God to those who are already hungry.

I spoke from Matthew 14:22-33 which finds the disciples in stormy weather and Jesus walking on the water to them. This time my focus was squarely on Peter. Wow, what a character! You always seemed to know what Peter was thinking. Why? Because there was no delay between thought and either speaking it out or doing it. Remember the transfiguration? Need I say more?

Thank God for Peter whom He made into a pillar of the church. Peter may be quite impulsive however we see here that his impulse was one of FAITH. May we learn from his example and not just wait for Jesus to come to us in the midst of our storm but instead immediately step out in faith towards Him as soon as we see His face!

During the ministry time I think every person came forward for prayer Рso many that we were unable to pray for them all. And one precious young woman from a Muslim background committed her life to the Lord for the first time. Praise the Lord, hallelujah! To HIM be all glory for what He has done!