Princess, Daniel, Red Light Green Light

Our little girl is definitely growing stroger. Felt her kick yesterday morning and WOW! She wasn’t holding anything back. Guess she’s going to get away with as much as she can before her first birthday – can’t give her pretend spankings right now. 🙂

We’re really excited and still discovering what will be the name. A big thanks to all who have donated things (including baby clothes!) to us, really appreciate it!

Went through that particular bit of Daniel this morning in my devotional time and had one of the usual thoughts as well s a new one.

The usual one is of course ‘Where was Daniel’ while his three friends were busy being thrown into the furnace? Was he away on a business trip? Bowing down with the others in the special VIP box? Wandering around outside the city trying to get cell reception? Seems like only the last one can be discounted as a possiblity..

And the new thought? As I read again about the instructions – how they were to assemble and bow down when all those many instruments were being played together a strange thing came to mind. Have you ever played red light green light? Because if the playing of those instruments wasn’t one at set times but rather at the whim of the king or something then it would really be like a giant city sized game of red light green light, wouldn’t it? 😉



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