How to make Rojak

For those living on the western side of the world you may be asking yourself “What is Rojak?”. Good question!

Rojak essentially means mixture. In Singapore when we order rojak we get a kind of salad that includes fruits and fried dough. Sweet? Yes. Spicy? Yes. Occasionally a bit sour? Yes. Rojak truly is a mixture.

And I often feel that my life is a bit of rojak as well. Most people after a bit of introspection will discover that they wear many different kinds of hats. I am a man. I’m a husband. I’m a father-to-be. I’m a photographer. I’m a preacher. I’m a teacher. I’m a blogger. I’m a foreigner. I’m a business manager. I’m a disciple. I’m a cell group member. I’m a missionary. etc, etc, etc.

All of us can identify with rojak. Sometimes sweet. Sometimes even spicy. Sometimes sour. And we all have many roles that we need to walk out each and every day.

I don’t know about you but for me I am unable to do 20 things well each week. At best I find I can do perhaps 4-5 well. At best. So how can I do well with so many roles but limited resources of time, energy, and ability?

3 Things:

1. Stay grounded in the word of God with daily personal study. This helps me to keep an even keel and provides me with principles that can guide me through the many choices I face daily and weekly and monthly…

2. Maintain a personal one-on-one daily prayer time with the Lord. For me this takes a bit more effort than studying the word. Yet it provides balance for me between looking inwards and looking outwards. It also helps keep my love for God fresh.

3. Actively, intentionally, consciously invite the Holy Spirit to be at work in and through me. I’m not just speaking of the gifts of the Spirit. Even more than that I’m speaking of experiencing and living out the fruits of the Spirit.


What about you? Do you enjoy rojak? Is your rojak sweet? Sour? What have you found to be most important in making it all work week by week, day by day?