I am back again……

It has been a long time since i last post on the blog. Richard has been asking me to try to write something, but i just kept delaying till now. Many reasons, first, when i was still pregnant with Sierra, i felt so tired all the time, so did not have the energy to write. Then came Sierra, and i was literally kept busy 24hours a day…:)Finally now, while Sierra is taking her nap, i could try to write something in the blog.

Sierra is 2 months old now. Time sure flies, it felt like just yesterday when she arrived in the delivery room.:)I still remembered very clearly on the day when she was born, her first cry just melted my heart. I was almost in tears. After waiting for over 9months, finally my girl had arrived. The next thing that really touched my heart was, after she came out, she was crying non stop. Richard brought her to me. The moment she was with me, she stopped crying. That was so precious, the special bonding and connection between my little Sierra and me.

After having a child of my own, i realized the greatness of every mummy out there. It sure take a lot of effort, strength to take care of the little one. For me, there are days of ups and downs, especially those down times, i sometimes wonder, am i really up to be a good mother to care for my baby. But God is good, He is always there to comfort and assured me. And also my hubby. I am really thankful to him for always there to encourage me, to provide his shoulder for me to lean on, to cry etc…And not to forget all those friends of mine, who enters motherhood few months earlier than me, who are there to give me all the support i needed.

Though it is not a easy task to care for the little one, but i must say, it is all worth it. I really see Sierra growing each day. Lately she started to even interact with us. She brought so much joy and laughter to us..I really love our little girl. I thank God so much for giving us this gift. My prayer is she will grow to be a woman after God’s heart. And i am excited to have our girl, partnering together with us, in the wide mission field.:)

So, to conclude, i do enjoy motherhood. :)It also give me a glimpse of God’s love for us. We as earthly parents, will put in all love, energy for our children, how much more is the love of God for us. We are just so privilege to have a God who loves us so much.

Thank God for everything…and i will try to write more often on the blog to keep you all update of my journey as a mother…:)