Living the Family Life

Have you ever been in a car with a new driver behind the wheel? Did you notice how they seem to be constantly correcting their course? In fact it seems like they never do drive in a straight line – even on a straight road. They’re headed a bit to the left, the over-correct and start heading to the right, then back again, on and on. They have not yet learned what experienced drivers know: To hold a straight course you need to focus on a distant point rather than what is right in front of you.

This is true in our lives as well. Everyday I make hundreds of decisions, mostly small ones with a few larger mixed in. If I just focus on the decision right in front of me at the time then I find myself making inconsistent choices. What aids in keeping the straight course in our lives?

Priorities. With your priorities always in mind you’ll be able to consistently move in the direction you intend! Many who are full time in ‘The Ministry’ get into trouble because they haven’t focused on this foundational aspect.

For me, my priorities are quite clear. First comes God. He has top priority in my life. Then comes my family. Then comes ministry and friends.

I’ve seen more than a few who are full time in the ministry but have not put their family BEFORE ministry in their priorities. Is this really pleasing to God? What witness does this man give to others when he neglects his wife and children to meet the never ending needs of the sheep? Does this reflect the heart and values of our Lord?

I can say with clear conviction that it does not. Yes there are times when sacrifices ought to be made. Yes we need to work. But if we regularly sacrifice our family for the sake of the ministry then we are not following the Father’s plan. When you marry and perhaps have children then you have a new responsibility and a new set of priorities. If you are not willing to put family before ministry then please don’t marry, don’t start a family.

Thank you Jesus for my wonderful wife and child, I am a very blessed man!

And a big thank you to Vincent Lai for taking our family photo’s!