What’s Next?

Time flies, and our lovely girl Sierra has turned three months already.:)She is getting cuter each day. She is just a people person – love to talk with people, enjoys us (as well as my sister) sitting her on our lap and chat with her. Thank God for such great gift He gave to us. Oh yes, and immediately the day she turned three months, she stopped crying when daddy baths her…:)That sure bring lots of encouragement and joy to daddy!!!!Just a note, since birth till today, it is daddy who baths her.:)Well done daddy!!!!

Many people have asked me, so now, with our daughter especially she is still so young, what will happen to me in terms of ministry?That is sure a good question. As many mummies will agree, caring for a little one, take 24hours a day. So what’s left for other things?:)Indeed it takes a lot of time to care for our little one, but yet, i also don’t see it as a time when i need to stop any ministry. I will still continue with ministry, the different is, now, i have my daughter together in the ministry. The Busch family ministry team has increased by one member.:)

Why i said my daughter will be together with us as a team in ministry go all the way back even before i was pregnant with her. One month before i found out i was pregnant, i attended a ladies prayer meeting. At the meeting, two ladies prophecied over me that i will have a baby soon.:)And one lady saw a vision of me carrying a beautiful baby girl, she said she saw us sitting among a group of people and we were ministering to them!!!!She said the Lord will use our daughter as a bridge to reach the many lost ones out there.

When i heard the prophecies, i just claimed it by faith. And sure enough, one month after that, i found out i was pregnant. Since that day, i knew Sierra is a gift from God to us, and her existence, is not just to be our daughter, but most important of all, she is going to team together with us in the ministry. I have no ideas what the future will be, we just need to take a step at a time, and see what God has instored for us. I am excited and with full anticipation to the many doors of ministry He will give us.

So, yes yes yes, i will still continue in ministry in china, and now, not just me, but together with my daughter.:)The road may not be easy, but is sure exciting. Will appreciate all your prayers….:)

Thanks to all our supporters be it in terms of prayers or finances, thanks for so willingly and generously invest in our lives. May God bless you all richly. Have a blessed Christmas and happy 2012!!!!He who began a new work in you, will bring it to completion.:)