New Year’s Resolutions? Not exactly…

Where do I begin?

As always the days seem to fly by. Apparently we just crossed over into 2012 and I barely had a chance to notice!

The question we get asked most often is when we will be returning to China. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to sow seeds of ‘What could happen in Shangri-la among the Tibetans’ while here in Singapore. Every chance I get I’ve been preaching in churches and visiting cell groups with the special goal of stirring people up for missions and giving them a chance to catch a bit of the vision for reaching the Tibetan people.

That said we are planning on returning to China about mid-February. At that time Sierra will be about 5 months old and better able to handle the high-altitude and bitter cold weather of Shangri-la.

Between then and now we’ve got a few things on. Target Ministries will be having our annual Retreat in Thailand. So late next week we’ll be flying to Chiangmai. The retreat is an important opportunity to connect with team members working in different parts of China that we rarely see. And it’s also the time when we very actively seek to hear from the Lord for the year ahead, new vision, strategies, direction, etc. It’s a time to recharge before heading back into the oppressive political and spiritual atmosphere of China.

We plan to spend Chinese New Year with Cassandra’s family in Singapore.