Okay, it’s been quite awhile since our last post. Gather around the camp fire then. Cook marshmallows over the fire, make a s’more. Taste good? Great! Then lean back and relax as I share with you our latest 🙂

Marshmallow S'more

So our plans changed. Originally we planned an eight-month stay in Singapore to finish Cassandra’s third trimester, have Sierra, and then move back to Shangri-la after winter was over. However during that eight month period two major things happened.

First we felt led to transfer to an Anglican church here in Singapore. Nothing bad happened at Cassandra’s previous church, Church of Singapore (Bukit Timah). We didn’t try to take anyone with us to this Anglican church. And we intend to maintain our friendships as well as continue to partner together with Church of Singapore’s missions department where possible.

Secondly, after much prayer and consideration (and taking time to get approval from Elim Fellowship) we decided to extend our time in Singapore by one year in order to become members of the Anglican Church (Saint John Saint Margaret’s) with the hope that we will be able to be sent out by them as Associate Missionaries. Being connected to a home church both in the U.S. and in Singapore is very important to us. Missionaries without home churches usually don’t last long on the field.

During this year we will be focusing on a few areas:

  1. I (Richard) will be attending full-time Theological School at the Asian Theological Centre for Evangelism and Missions as a student.
  2. We both intend to be involved in serving the church as well as being involved in our cell group.
  3. Supporting Target Ministries work through administrative tasks as well as making several trips into China during this year.

Finally I want to make very clear that we have no intention of settling down in Singapore at this time. It is our firm goal to move back to China at the end of April 2013 to continue our work and focus among the Tibetan peoples in the Shangri-la area.

God bless!