Count your blessings

It has been a long time since I last wrote in this blog…has been busy with my little princess when my hubby goes for classes in bible school:)Sierra is eight months now, how times flies!!!

Last few weeks have been quite a ‘down’ time for me, bad news just kept coming one after another. For instance our major financial supporter here has decided to stop supporting us, our HDB flat application met with some obstacles, we moved to a new church and some people who don’t understand see me as being ‘ungrateful ‘ and many others. Within a short time, so many things happening, sometimes I do feel too overwhelm by them.

However, just few nights ago, while laying on my bed praying, the Lord just reminded me not to focus on my circumstances, but rather to count my blessings. So I started counting…counting…and guess what?i can go on and on and cannot finish counting them…and these are recents blessings that I experienced!!!

I like to share some of these blessings with you all here:
1) The Lord provided us with a place (the whole house) to stay this whole year free of charge
2) Friends who believe in us, invest and continue to support us financially as well as prayer even though we are in Singapore and not in china
3) Friends (old and new ones) who stand with us, walk with us through our ups and downs
4) The cell group in our new church who has been such a great encouragement and blessings to us, helping us transit into the new church
5) Someone who just felt led to bless us with a new laptop
6) A beautiful and joyful daughter God gives to us
7) My family here who is so supportive to us, especially my sister, who helps us so much with Sierra so that Richard and I can have some free time alone:)
8) My very supportive and loving husband who stands by me always, his shoulder is always there for me to lean on….
9) Richard got his Singapore long term visit pass, so he don’t have to exit Singapore every three months
10) Most of Sierra’s stuff like clothes, cot, playpen, steriliser, warmer etc, all are blessed by others to us…..

And many many more other blessings…:)

God is so so good to us….sometimes it is so easy to forget all our blessings from God when trials or difficulties arise….But let’s make every effort to remember to count God’s blessings, knowing that God is in control of all things, and He makes all things beautiful in His times…:)

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  1. Hi buddy,
    Did not know that you had been through quite a lot recently even though we are in the same place. May be we need to arrange a time to meet up, so that we can catch up and pray for each other. Though I know it could be very challenging to arrange this appointment. But yes, you are right, His blessings are in abundance.

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