Busy next few months!!!!!

Will be lots of travelling for us as a family the next few months. First is going to our church camp in Kuala Lumpur in June, follow by our one month trip to China in July, then our cell mission trip to Korat in September. Even though is not Sierra’s first trip away from Singapore and on flights, but could still be little challenging for her and us the next few months with all these trips coming up. We decided to take Sierra with us on all these trips as we feel is good exposure for her, and she gets to have a taste of missionary life from a very young age…:)Hope with all the travellings she has (now and future), she becomes one very adaptable, seasoned traveller.:)

Like all of you to keep us in prayer with the upcoming few trips. Prayer points:

1) For Church camp, that we will be refreshed, renewed, and recharged by God; that we will have great time knowing church pastors, church staff and church members, making many new friends; safety in travelling (is a 5 hours bus ride one way), and that Sierra will do well in the bus for that long hours

2) Trip to China: For journey mercy to and fro China and within China; for opening of cheap air tickets; for good connection with fellow co workers and friends; that we will be able to bring encouragements to our foreign and local friends there

3) Korat trip: That our whole team will be united and complement each other in ministry; that we able to impact the youths at the camp and do what God has in store for us to do; able to encourage the missionary there; safe travelling for all of us

Guess that’s all for now….thanks all for remembering and praying for us….really appreciate all your prayers…:)May God bless you as you so bless us….

Have a great weekend…….